New Sweat Sensor Monitors Health

New Sweat Sensor Monitors Health

You might know about the fitness machines available in the market. Most of these are capable of monitoring the heart rate and checking the cholesterol level of the body. With the advancement of technology and the innovative products, researchers have been successful in creating a device that is capable of monitoring the chemicals excreted in body sweat and checking the medical condition. It can tell you if the person is a drug abuser or the possible reason for an athlete’s poor performance.

The new technology is designed in such a way that it can be worn on your wrist. Body perspiration contains all the essential substances present in the body. The wrist device will tell you about the number of calories burned on the basis of distanced covered by the body or speed of the heart rate. This information is enough to know the condition of the body.

The wrist device contains two major parts. One is a plastic device that is used to measure the amount of sodium ions, potassium ions, lactate, and glucose. The other part contains a micro computer chip that transmits the information from the plastic sensor to an available device, such as a cell phone or a laptop. Using this information, you can check the internal system of the body along with its health condition.



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