Google’s Chirp Voice Assistant Technology

Google’s Chirp Voice Assistant Technology

Google will soon launch a device comparable to Amazon Echo. Details that one of Google's product teams is working on this new venture are already circulating online. The information released was limited, but it disclosed that this system, dubbed the Google's Chirp Voice Assistant Technology or simply Chirp, will incorporate the search and voice assistant applications of Google to a technique that exhibits the same attributes as its wireless router.

The launching of "Chirp" is likely to take place soon. There is no announcement yet as to when it will happen, but there are rumours that Google is exerting its utmost effort to make it happen this year.

It has been a while since Google introduced its voice assistant system on Android phones. It's the one that is signalled by words "Okay, Google". Although a lot of industries find this program advantageous, the experts in the field believe that there's still a lot of work to be done for it to advance in the market. Amazon delights in the success of Echo. Analysts have made an estimation that Amazon has probably sold around three million Echo units.

Amazon Echo happens to have just what consumers are looking for when it comes to collecting data and making things easier for everyone. Google is looking at Amazon as its greatest competitor when it comes to web and mobile apps.

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