Software that can measure pain levels

Software that can measure pain levels

It is sometimes hard to notice or realize when your kid is facing a health problem. Even though he/she might complain, you can never know for sure (unless you visit a doctor) if it’s something serious or not.
You don’t have to worry about that anymore, because scientists at the University of California have discovered the software which can determine whether you kid is having a problem and can also measure the level of the pain.

 We all know that we can never be 100 percent when it comes to the level of pain your child is experiencing and with this software we will be able to monitor the pain, and this software will also help the parents when it comes to pain management.
The researchers used a video where you can see children ages 5 to older teens. They used the analysis along with clinical data input and then tested the software just to see if it will be able to determine the level of pain these children were experiencing.

It is really important to control the pain, because it is not only important for the kid’s comfort but it is also crucial when it comes to recovery of that child.
When you have an adult person as a patient you can easily find out the level of pain that that person is experiencing, but with children it is a totally different story, because often they cannot describe and be more precise when it comes to the pain they are feeling.
That’s why this software is really important and it also showed amazing accuracy when it comes to pain assessment.



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