LuminAID is the lightening device that will be used in disaster situations and developing countries. Its main goal is to replace the kerosene lamps. They are not used in many countries in the world, but all developing countries are using them. They are not very effective, their transport isn’t very simple and they need fuel to burn. On the other side LuminAID is completely opposite.
LuminAID has an inflatable design, so it is easy to transport and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Because of this, it is the best gadget to carry on a camping trip. But, the most important fact of this gadget is its solar power capability. All you need to do is to expose it to the sunlight, 4-6 hours and it will be fully recharged. After that, you can use it 4 hours (35 lumens) or 6 hours (20 lumens).
Thanks to its design, you can carry it as a bag. It is lightweight, so you can carry it all day. Although, it is designed for developing countries, it can be used anywhere in the world. It is affordable and it can replace current flashlight. You can use it in a car (in a case of emergency) or you can even use to illuminate your garden or lawn. But the design isn’t much adjusted for these purposes. 
On the front is small solar panel. When you expose it to the sun, this panel much be faced towards the sun. Time needed to recharge the battery isn’t long. You can leave it the whole day or you can hang it on the sunlight or in a window. 

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