Be safe, with new Blackphone 2

Be safe, with new Blackphone 2

Getting hacked is probably the worst thing that can happen to you today! All your information, money and even thoughts are available to everyone. Even big companies, like Sony are hacked. This company lost $100 million, last year due to hack attacks. The solution is finally here, or its beginning at least. A company called Silent Circle, founded by Internet security legend Phil Zimmerman is working on stopping those attacks. At the moment, their solution is a smartphone.

The new smartphone is called Blackphone 2. It is updated version of the previous model (Blackphone). The new phone is a bit bigger and it feels differently. The touch display is 5.5 inches, full HD. It is very good and pleasant to use. The OS is Private OS, a modified version of Android. This is good, because all apps from Google Play will work on this smartphone. Silent Circle can protect the user’ texts, calls and contact with their own apps, Silent Text, Silent Phone and Silent Contacts. Even users without Blackphone, can download them from the Google Play. They can be used for sending and receiving encrypted messages. One of the features, that makes this phone secure, is its user profiles (Spaces). When a user switch profile, it is like he is using another phone. Although, this is supported on every Android device, the virtualization on the Blackphone 2 is more secure! If your phone is lost, it is possible to wipe its hard drive remotely!

The Silent Circle, will give $128 to any hacker who found some bug in this device. The fix should be available in 72 hours. All previous bugs were fixed in the 48 hour window. The Blackphone 2 is already available on the market, for $649.


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