14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot Kit

14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot Kit

Solar powered products are more popular as we speak. This means that there are many solar-powered gadgets. Because the best gadgets are those for kids, there are many hi-tech toys that are powered by solar power. One of them is 14 in 1 Solar Robot. This gadget is fully powered by solar energy. This means that it doesn’t use batteries.

You can use the 14 in 1 Solar Robot on the ground and water. There are two building levels. One is easier, for amateurs and another is more complicated, so you will need time to complete it. You will also be able to change the direction of an electric motor. By changing the polarities. The housing is transparent, so you can see gears moving. This is the most interesting part for children, because all of them want to see how their toys function. You probably know that many children dissemble their toys just because they want to see what is inside. The head of the robot can be installed on front, rear or top. In general, the 14 in 1 Solar Robot is the best way to increase the creativity among children.

You know that there are 14 possible combinations. They are: Beetle-Bot, Boat-Bot, Dog-Bot, Walker-Bot, Wheel-Bot, Quadru-Bot, Slither-Bot, Crab-Bot, Row-Bot, Boxer-Bot, Auto-Bot, Roly Poly-Bot, Turtle-Bot and Surf-Bot. Because it has so many possibilities, you children will love this gadget longer than ordinary gadgets. It also improves the imagination among children. The price is £17.95. It is cheap and it is amazing to use. However, some combinations aren’t easy to make, so your children will need time.



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